SawickiTarella Architecture & Design
Reiss, US
Hollywood, CA
This 12,000-square-foot two-level luxury clothing store on North Robertson Boulevard is an excellent example of SawickiTarella’s ability to connect with overseas retailers. Working in concert with the London-based client, their designers, d_raw, and their US construction team, we successfully managed a controlled roll-out program which included this flagship as well as numerous other locations over several years. Our collaboration and evolving relationship with the team has allowed us to work across the country and provide the client with the extra benefits of pre-purchasing and sequencing—all products of trust and familiarity among the team members. This store has an elaborate fritted-glass façade and an upper-level VIP lounge for specialized sales and fashion shows, as well as a main sales floor at ground level. Other stores are located in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Georgetown, and Florida.